1pass4all (version 0.2.7) 中文

1pass4all is a bookmarklet to create passwords easily and securely. For more details, please read its introduction here.


Before installation, you probably need customize bookmarklets for better security(esp. cryptographic salt).

(longer password means higher security)
(larger character set means higher security)
(range: 0-9999, more iterations mean higher security and lower speed)
(change salt is STRONGLY recommended)
(auto-submit in login page after a master password being filled out)


IE version (for Internet Explorer)
Drag the above hyperlink to the favorites bar or right click it to add to favorites bar.
Non-IE version (for Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera)
Drag the above hyperlink to the bookmarks toolbar or right click it to add to bookmarks.
Mobile version (on mobile/other's computer/untrusted website/non-browser application)
Save the above hyperlink as a bookmark or a local HTML file.
Mobile offline version (offline access for mobile device, e.g. iOS device)
For an iOS device, open this page in Safari, touch the above hyperlink to enter 1pass4all, then add it to home screen.
DIY version (for advanced user)
Follow the above hyperlink to check out the project on GitHub and read the README file.


Basic usage of 1pass4all can be described by the following two simple scenarios. For more advanced usage, please refer to the usage section of README file.

  • change password with 1pass4all
  • Have a strong and secret password in mind(called "master password" hereafter), log in some web account and go to password-change page. Fill the new-password field with the master password and then click 1pass4all bookmarklet. A new password will be generated and substitute the master password in-place. If applicable, repeat the action in a confirmed-password field. Save the change and log out.

  • log in with 1pass4all
  • Back to login page, type a username in the login field and a master password into the password field, then click the 1pass4all bookmarklet. Just as the previous step, the actual password is populated. The only difference is 1pass4all will auto-submit login form this time(provided that auto-login is enabled).


    Clicking on the customize button will update bookmarklets of IE version and non-IE version. DIY version can be customized by editing corresponding variables in Makefile. As for mobile version, if you don't want to change the parameters on every refresh page, you have to generate mobile page from Makefile, or manually edit the mobile version's HTML file.


    You MUST make sure the bookmarklets(or bookmarks in mobile version) installed on different browsers or computers have EXACTLY the same parameters, including password length, password charset, iteration and salt, otherwise they will NOT be compatible. Please keep the master password in mind and the related parameters in a safe place, losing any of them will lock you out of your accounts.

    If you don't really trust a website, please stop using bookmarklet there, instead, use mobile version to generate passwords.


    This software is free to use, but AT YOUR OWN RISK.